Restore & Update a Bricked iPhone 3Gs 6.15.00 to iOS 5.0 Firmware – 5.0 Jailbreak/Unlock

This guide will help anyone with a bricked 3Gs that isn’t working after trying to update to iOS 5.0 with the 6.15.00 Baseband or any other reason. Also this video is for anyone just looking to update their perfectly functional 3Gs to iOS 5 and preserve their baseband to unlock. Notice, this is for 3Gs’s ONLY and if you have a New Bootrom 3Gs it will be a TETHERED Jailbreak but if you have an old bootrom device then it will be a Untethered Jailbreak. Tethered means you need to use a program (iBooty or Redns0w for Mac) to boot your device after the battery dying or turning off the power. Before proceeding make sure to back up all data using iTunes.

You will need to download the following and use the video guide above as a reference:

NEW or OLD Bootrom 5.0 Custom Restore:

NEW Bootrom 5.0 Custom 3Gs 6.15.00 Restore: New BR Custom 3Gs 5.0 Restore DOWNLOAD
OLD Bootrom 5.0 Custom 3Gs 6.15.00 Restore: Old BR Custom 3Gs 5.0 Restore DOWNLOAD

iReb R5 Updated : iReb R5 DOWNLOAD

iBooty :

iDetector : NEW/OLD Bootrom Detector

NOTE: To check your 3Gs Bootrom on a Mac, Click Here: Mac Bootrom Guide

NOTE: If your firmware is a .zip file once downloaded, Watch this video to fix the error HERE: If your ipsw Firmware file is showing up as a .zip then watch this video HERE: Zip To ipsw Fix Video

Step 1. Use iReb to place your device into Pwned DFU mode. Open itunes and hold Shift or Option on a Mac and left click on Restore. Now select your iOS 5.0 Custom restore you have downloaded and sit back while the restore is in progress. If you happen to get errors like 9, 12, 3194 or ANY other. There are several things you can do like switch USB ports, Try the restore on a different PC & watch this video on how to fix the errors HERE: Error Fix Video

Step 2. After the restore on the iOS 5 setup menu make sure “Location Services” is disabled! Now for some Cydia will be white and crash but for others with the Old Bootrom it will work just fine since it is untethered. This is where iBooty comes to play, Run it as administrator and place your device into DFU mode. Once that is finished you will see a pineapple on your iPhone’s screen and it will promptly reboot.

Step 3. Once rebooted open Cydia, and all Unlockers search for “Ultrasn0w”. Install it and reboot using iBooty. You are Now Jailbroken & Unlocked on iOS 5.0 with your 6.15.00 Baseband 3Gs! Please Rate this video & comment and Subscribe for more great video! Thank You & enjoy your iPhone :D NEW 5.16.05 Unlock Video coming Tomorrow!

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