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How To Fix iMessage/Facetime/MMS on Tmobile iPhone Unlock – 4S/4/3Gs 5.1.1 & Hotspot

Use this quick guide to fix your MMS, iMessage, Facetime & Personal Hotspot on any iOS 5.1.1 & below iPhone 4S, 4 & 3Gs.   Step 1. Jailbreak your iPhone using this video HERE!: 5.1.1 Jailbreak Video Step 2. Add the following Source in Cydia by going to “Manage”, “Sources”, “Edit”, “Add”. Add the following “cydia.bbyscroopy.com”. [...]

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iOS 5 Anounced! Full iOS5 Review & Preview

iOS5 was announced by apple today on the 6th of June and is a very big deal. Many new features were introduced and I love them all. I realized how much apple either copied or improved ideas from other places such as android, Cydia and Blackberry. The most important updated features are iMessage, New notifications, [...]

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